Board of Directors / VHA Society

The Vancouver Hebrew Academy Society is the governing body of the school.  All VHA parents are eligible to join the Society. The Society meets at least one time per year for the annual general meeting.  This meeting is an excellent opportunity for parents to raise topics of concern, as well as to vote on important issues.

The board of directors, in consultation with administration, handles general policy decisions throughout the year.  The board meets regularly to monitor the school, and set its direction.  Copies of school policies are available upon request to any member of the Society.  Members of the Society are encouraged to contact members of the board to discuss ideas and ask questions.  The minutes of each board meeting are posted in the VHA school office.

Vancouver Hebrew Academy Society Board Members 2014-2015

Mr. Meyer Mattuck, Co-President
Mr. David Emanuel, Co-President
Mrs. Tammy Horvath, 1st Vice-President
Mrs. Elizabeth Nider, 2nd Vice-President
Mr. Glenn Bullard, Secretary
Mr. Adam Saunders, Treasurer

Mr. Rami Belson
Mrs. Rachael Lewinski
Mrs. Bassie Tauby
Mr. Dan Wolfson

You can email Board representatives at: